Thursday, January 5, 2012

My art resolutions for 2012

Happy New Year!!
Me at 36

2012 has begun full force, and I'm happy to say that my little studio is hopping.  Time to consider what the year has in store.

My goals:
1. Get in my studio at minimum 3 times a week
2. Try out the outdoor art show gig while still managing two little kids
3. Get outdoor walks every week

1.  Finish my final pages for The Sketchbook Project 
2.  Photograph all new paintings and post them to the blog.   Done. YAY!
3.  Finish grant proposal and send off the package (more on this later!)
3. Scan my sketchbook and post to the blog
4. Kiss the sketchbook goodbye and ship it off to the Brooklyn Art Library to begin its worldwide journey
5. Begin work on second panel for client

1. Paint Paint Paint
2. Refine website galleries
3. Search for shows to enter
4. Contact local farmer's/craft market organizer to ask about tent space

1. Framing!
2. Plan items to buy/collect for outdoor art show (borrow tent, set up account, etc)
3. Paint paint paint

1. Design and order marketing materials
2. Paint paint paint

1. Participate in local craft show
2. Paint paint paint
3. Begin Sketchbook project 2013!

1. Paint paint paint
2. Plan for 2013

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