Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get 'er done

I'm watching Mike Holmes inspect houses on HGTV, and it makes me feel stupidly empowered to watch him do his thing.  He is so indignant about the mistakes other home builders or inspectors had made in the past, and then when it's time to correct the damage, he gets right down to practically the bare bones and goes to town--and with such an attitude.  You want something done right?  You do it right the first time, SUCKA.  Love a guy with a take-charge and make it right attitude.  But then I wonder what he'd do with our place, hmmm...

Which brings me to my update on doing all the things...

Last night my husband went out on the town with a couple of buddies, so I had two sleeping kids, a cup of tea, and no distractions, so I went to work.  I did major webisphere updating, including posting new photographs of art to the website, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, and to this fine blog!  And check out the blog's new header.  I tell ya, keeping up to date these days is a lot of work, but I felt so pleased with myself to knock out a huge job with a significant portion of concentration time that NEVER happens during the itty bitty naptimes in the daytime.  It was 1am when my husband came back and I was still sitting at the table where he left me at 8pm.  Amazing the time-suspending power of concentration.  Too bad my old body can't do that every night anymore. ;)

The to-do list continues to stay on point for January.  Now that the web updating and photographs and resume are done, I need to write a kickass letter of intent for a grant and send off the proposal, and then knock out the rest of my book for the Sketchbook Project.  I have about six more pages to accomplish, but I keep going back to the "finished" pages.  The good part of this deadline, though, is that ONE WEEK FROM TODAY two artists and art teacher friends of mine will be joining me for dinner and to share our books with each other.  Photographs will be taken, and bubbly will be shared, oh yes.  So that's my carrot dangling in front of my nose this week.  Must finish this book!

. . .

We took the kids to the National Zoo this afternoon, and Doodle had a blast.  She "loves all the animals, especially the el-o-phant, the flamingos, the ducklings, and the zebra!"

I leave you with this video.  You're welcome.

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