Thursday, August 2, 2012

Name That Painting Contest--Award time!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my Name That Painting contest.  So many gorgeous and thoughtful titles were submitted and it took a very long time to decide the winner. 

Shadow Dance, Detail
© 2012 Morgan Johnson Norwood
Congratulations to Karen, who submitted the winning title, Shadow Dance.  Karen, please send me a message (email/website/Facebook are all fine) as to how best send you your new 6 x 6 small abstract painting!

I plan to have another similar contest in a few months, so don't let your creativity caps get dusty.  These titles were FANTASTIC.

 This painting will join three others at the US Geological Survey visitor center's National Gallery now through August 31.  I hope you are able to see it in person, but I will share pictures of the exhibition soon.

Top Finishers
1. Shadow Dance - At first I dismissed this selection because of the similar title to some of my other works, but the idea of dance kept me coming back to this title.  I like that the word dance reflects the bouncing energy of the shadowy shapes, and I like that the title is a contrast in itself between softness and liveliness.

2. Ascent - A one-word poem that embodies the movement of the shapes.  An emotional contrast to the potential opposite title (Descent), causing the viewer not to read the painting left to right, but instead from the center out.

3. Fluid Crown - A beautiful, creative combination of words that hint at ideas beyond nature.  I find myself thinking about this title all the time.

4. Forever Fall - I love the alliteration in the title, and the tie to the fall-like color scheme.  When the trees are bursting with color, I do sometimes wish that time would stop, just so I could enjoy it a little longer. 

5. Some Enchanted Evening - This title evokes a glowing sunset walk around the lake, slow and graceful. 

Honorable Mentions
6. While She Was Sleeping - This one totally made me laugh, because it's true-- all my paintings were made during naptimes. 

7. Morning Mist - I really enjoy the use of the word Mist in the title.  I see this title for a painting with a cooler palette of pinks and yellows.

8. Clarinda - A beautiful and very different name, and I like how you went about choosing this title.  But I didn't choose this one because while I was listening to music, I didn't feel the close connection to the music and/or geography necessary to affect the aesthetic.

9. Haven - A good title, evocative and peaceful, but I see this title for a different painting, perhaps for one of the seed pod-inspired paintings that examine the protective nooks and crannies

10. Vine and Vine Again - A funny play on words!

11, 12. A Magical Season, The Magical Hour -  I find the word Magical very interesting.  I am going to ponder these for awhile. 

13. Sunshine in the Rain - There is a wonderful glow that happens when the sun comes out in a rain storm.  I like this title, but perhaps for a different painting.

14. Something Firey This Way Comes - I love the use of FIRE in the title.  I like the energy that reflects the colors.

15. Dancing Vines - I like the suggestion of the movement of the vine shapes. 

Thank you all again for playing.  I hope this was as fun an exercise for you as it was for me to read and consider.

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