Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grin and bear it

This morning I left Scribble with Daddy and drove off through the rain to visit the dentist, someone I've not had the pleasure of seeing in...*cough* three years.  This is the story of motherhood, though.  Everyone comes before you, and certainly, your teeth.  But after putting off this appointment for so long, and since I knew-- I KNEW-- a cavity had formed because of this, I finally bit the bullet.  So to speak.  Last week we took Doodle to her first pediatric dentist visit (also overdue), and while it went about as well as I expected (read: manageable meltdowns), it was so great to finally get that item checked off the to-do list, and now she's a big fan of the dentist.  Until her next appointment, at least. 

So anyway, as I'm laying in the chair, looking up at the blue sky and cloud scenes on the light panels and feeling the most comfortable I've felt in months (can I ship that dental chair to my house, seriously?), Jackie the hygienist chats me up and suddenly I realize that I can't stop talking.  Poor woman.  This is what happens when you let a mommy out into the adult world again-- she can't shut up.  The cleaning goes well enough, and it's confirmed that my tooth sensitivity is in fact a cavity.  As I stood at the counter holding my little baggie of Sensodyne and dental floss and pondering the full calendar on my phone for a follow-up filling appointment, I learn that a no-show had opened up a slot.  My filling could be done the same day!  Forty minutes and a numb mouth later, I'm paying a copay and heading back home again.

Fortunately, by the time I returned it was time to nurse and a nap.  Suddenly the day feels easy.  I love my 3-year old desperately, but the days she's at preschool are so much easier.

And now a quick update before the tell-tell squawks over the baby monitor light a fire under my butt:

Doodle stuff...
She just had her third birthday, and already she's so different.  More language, more ability to rationalize, more inside jokes.  She's beautiful and funny, and I love her to pieces.  She's getting to the age where we can finally do real art and craft projects together, and I'm so excited.  Yesterday we made these toilet paper tube owls (an idea borrowed from a mommy blogger but I can't find her now, I'm sorry!)  Our paintbrushes went missing, so we used markers instead, but i think these turned out pretty cute.

Scribble stuff...
In a couple of weeks she'll hit 6 months already.  Can't believe how quickly her first year is flying by.  She's a champion nurser, but the call of solid foods is loud and clear.  She's getting to be a good sitter, and is starting to grab at everything on our plates.  The "easy" and uncomplicated packing days are coming to an end.  Bring on the high chair, bibs, spoons, bowls, homemade baby food, finger snacks, and wiping accoutrements... but in a couple of weeks.

Studio stuff....
Still in my Action items is my book for the Sketchbook Project.  I'm also up to my nose in researching how to delve into the art show business.  More on these later.

Today with my remaining hour of the ever-elusive naptime I am working on a series of drawings for my friend and colleague's education journal article on non-verbal gestures used for teaching in the instrumental music classroom.  And, no, I'm sorry to say that those gestures are not included.  Sorry. ;)

Another painting sits on my easel upstairs that I'm currently in love with.  I take these walks with my kids nearly every day through the trails around here, and right now all the leaves are vibrant shades of yellow and orange and red, and I'm so in love.  This canvas is a very long rectangle, and I decided to reflect the amazing height of my view with a vertical orientation.

Studio shot of Into the woods © Morgan Johnson Norwood