Thursday, December 27, 2012

Resolutions, goals, and things left unsaid...

It's always exciting to think about a new year.  So much potential for growth, so many opportunities to experience good things, and best of all, a chance to start over.

Some art goals and resolutions for 2013...

1. See more shows.  There's lots going on in DC at pretty much any given time-- Per Kirkeby at the Phillips (through Jan 6), Lichtenstein at NGA (through Jan 13), Ai Wei Wei at the Hirshhorn (through Feb 24), and Taryn Simon at the Corcoran (through Feb 24), for example!

2. Get organized. 
       a) Create a set of ten materials packets for shows, grants, and residency applications
       b) Clear out my studio; reconfigure storage
       c) Set up better files, clear out/archive/clean up digital files and emails
       d) Update website, blog, newsletter, and all social media (regular schedule)

3. Enter more shows.  It's time to expand my reach a little farther beyond my immediate neighborhood.  

What goals have you thought about for the new year?

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