Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hanging Day at North Gate Vineyard

After months of preparation and planning and hard work, I hung art yesterday at North Gate Vineyard in Purcellville, VA.  Here are a few images from yesterday's hanging for my new show, Shadow | Light.

I rented a UHaul cargo van because there was NO WAY all this stuff would have fit in my car. 

Purcellville is about a 45-minute drive away from where I live, and North Gate is smack in the middle of the prettiest countryside ever.  Rolling hills and wooden horse fences are everywhere.

And just look at those vines!

The vines at North Gate Vineyard are heavy with grapes almost ready for harvest. 

 My lovely assistant/awesome mother-in-law and I arrived in the van and my husband and youngest daughter were waiting for us.  Unloading and placing the work went relatively quickly.
My show signage.
Unloading and setting out lots of art!
My little helper stopped by to decide where her favorites went.

Art on the walls, slowly but surely.

 Later my husband and daughter said goodbye, and then we set up the hanging supplies and got to work. 
Where's my cape?  LOL
Another wall complete.

46 paintings are hung.  I'm ready for a glass of wine, please.


  1. So excited for you! Your paintings will compliment the winery beautifully! Can't wait to come out and see the space they are in as well as try out a few of their wines. ;)

  2. You do beautiful work, one day I might get to see them in real life!