Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's been too long since I last updated, but that also means I've been exceptionally busy.

Lots of new paintings coming out of my studio, and I'm frantically preparing for my first experience with an outdoor show.  I'm joining my local farmer's and crafts market this season (which starts THIS SATURDAY, yow!), and I'm both quite daunted and very excited about it.  Thanks to my awesomely talented (and very generous) friend Cheryl Parsons, I have a borrowed canopy and Graphics Display walls on which to hang lots of art.  Thanks to my husband, I also have my paperwork completed and I can also now accept credit card payments.  All that's left is the heavy lifting at 6am, and that will pretty much be all me.  Can't rely on the hubs for everything, now can I?  Someone's gotta stay home with the kids.  So grateful for our friend Peter, a fabulous wood carver, and our lovely neighbor, Paula, to pitch in on show days when they can. 

Practicing my display in the courtyard


Another bit of good news is that my painting Bloom took an award recently at this year's Founder's exhibit, "Promises Made."  I used my prize money to purchase some art supplies I desperately needed, too.  Very timely!

Bloom, ©2012 Morgan Johnson Norwood.  24 x 24 inches, oil on canvas

And speaking of time, Scribble's naptime is already over, and it's time to get her up and go pick up her sister.  My nearly one-year old (when did that happen??) has been struggling with the pollen lately and is feeling under the weather today.  Doodle is healthy, at least.  Let's keep it that way.

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